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RAC Records – The Best Of The Best

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R.A.C. Records offers products with absolutely free shipping within the United States.

Our company has no political or racial agendas and is not associated with any organizations or social activities. R.A.C. Records does not condone or encourage anything conveyed in imagery, symbols or lyrics. We strongly believe in the 1st Amendment and are opposed to anyone that attempts to restrict your choices or access to legal merchandise. All products are 100% legal in the United States and you have a choice whether or not you want to make a purchase.

We simply provide the best customer service, superior professionalism, quality products and fast, free (within the United States) shipping procedures that are as safe and secure as possible! All credit cards, debit cards, Paypal and Amazon Payments are currently accepted! Use the contact page for questions regarding other payment types such as money orders or U.S. / Euro cash.

Contact us if you are outside of the United States and have any questions regarding shipping. We will help you purchase these products regardless of what country you live in. Heavier items may have extra shipping fees outside of the United States. We ship to all countries, but it is your responsibility to know your country’s laws and any risks associated.

Simply click the SHOP selection at the top menu and see what we have to offer. And don’t worry, we plan on adding many more items as we receive them! We already have established many relationships with wholesale companies, but we are always looking for more. Contact us if you have bulk items available for sale. We would love to hear from bands interested in releasing or re-releasing their albums with us. As members of the music scene for decades, we have a passion and love for our music and culture that can not be matched!


* R.A.C. Records provides a vast assortment of merchandise intended for customers 18+ years of age. All products are legal in the United States and by placing an order, you are accepting responsibility for knowing the laws in your country. Items vary in topic and are provided for historical, entertainment, collection and educational purposes. We fully advocate the 1st amendment and your choice to purchase legal products.



3 thoughts on “RAC Records – The Best Of The Best

  1. Just found your website. Looks great. I will order some stuff as soon as I get paid. You have my total support.

    1. I plan on buying from you very soon I used to buy from micetrap all the time before they closed down

  2. Hi,
    I just received my purchase and I am really happy with my shirts and added gift…very unexpected. Thank you so much, i will buy from you again.

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